Buying part worn tyres is more expensive in the long run | Part worn tyres
  • A false economy

    If you think buying part worn is cheaper than buying new, think again, as it’s certainly not usually the case.

    Why? Part worns have been used, so they have less tread left on the tyre, which means although the price you pay may be lower, you’ll need to replace it much more quickly.

  • Name

Part worns may seem cheap but could cost you more in the long-run. Part worns have substantially less tread than a new tyre, so you’ll need to replace it much more quickly - potentially very quickly.

Minimum legal requirement of tread left on a part worn : 2mm

Minimum legal tread for a car or van tyre on Britain’s roads : 1.6mm

Difference - 0.4mm - half the thickness of a credit card

A new tyre’s tread depth : 7mm to 8mm

Penalties for driving a vehicle with tyres below the legal tread depth: Up to £2,500 and three penalty points - FOR EACH TYRE